Monday, May 23, 2005

What is "Domestic" Murder?

Another woman in The Bahamas killed in her home and the headline in The Tribune names it a "domestic dispute murder", which is like saying "reduced calorie lethal poison" or "harmless rape." Here is the patriarchal language at work in the common consciousness, the constant relegation of women's experience to some other, lesser status. What is a "domestic" murder? Is this not as brutal a murder as any other kind? Not as real as murders which are not "domestic?" The misnomer is loaded with negative implication, in my opinion. What is "domestic dispute?" Is this really the truthful way to refer to the violence and brutality women and children endure in their homes? If a man were in the street beating someone into the ground wouldn't be be arrested and charged with assault? If that person died would the papers call it a dispute? No, they would call it a brutal killing, a vicious, senseless murder. Language is powerful, words are powerful, and in the hands of the local press it is also oppressive and dangerous and full of lies. The local press "domesticates" violence against women and children with the language of woman-hatred, The local press is dangerously inept, which is just what patriarchy needs it to be in order to carry on getting away with murder.

Having said that, I read the entire article and found that the murdered woman IS NOT MENTIONED ANYWHERE IN THE WHOLE FREAKING STORY! There is an account of the other mudered person for that night, a man who was killed in the street. But the woman who died at home, nothing. NOTHING!

The Bahamian Press is a public disgrace. It is the enemy of all conscious women and the people who love them. It is the enemy of justice and equality for women at risk and their children. It fails miserably to live up to its mandate of providing us with free-flowing and true information, the kind that empowers us. The Bahamian Press is not a real press at all. Local newspapers are not about journalism, they are not about giving us information or providing us with free and diverse voices. They are about hos and pimps, pretending to serve us while they give handjobs to their big money advertisers under the table.

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