Wednesday, November 24, 2004

This Means Everything

My day began with a wasp. Eating a seed stuck to the car windshield. I drove slowly around the school parking lot, waiting for it to fly away. It did not fly away. I pulled over, under the Casurinas, and looked at the wasp.On the other side of the glass. At eye level. Hunched over the green seed, munching.I had to laugh. What, I thought, are you trying to tell me, Great Mother? Why have you sent this hungry wasp to pull me over? I watched him eat, and slowly, bit by bit, s/he devoured that seed, until it was small enough to wrap her legs around it, yank it out of its sticky trap and fly it away to the North. This means everything. This wasp was EarthSpirit talking directly to me, telling me, Hold on, the next book is about to be made. Telling me, Believe D. when he says he is ready to write the checque. Believe in the value of all the work you have done, as do the people who believe in you. Woman, I was so grateful, hear? For the messenger wasp and for the coupla-folks I know who care about this work, and about me. EarthSpirit gave the wasp a green seed, not in a usual place, but in an odd place, an impossible place. I too will find the green seed, in a most impossible place, I will receive the food I need for soul and for survival.

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