Friday, March 07, 2008

What If You Were Minister of Women's Affairs?

I want to celebrate International Women's Day by calling on the smartest, most imaginative women i know and asking them a single question: If you could be the Bahamian Minister of Women's Affairs for a season, what immediate actions would you take to improve the lives of Bahamian women, especially those who are most at risk? The emails are going out now, and all responses will be published here at the blog. I've prepared a list of outstanding we'moon of the Islands and I can't wait to hear what you all have to say. Of course, responses are gratefully accepted from the sisters not on my list but have something to say. Just one or two paragraphs please. I hope to publish the first responses tomorrow morning, I hope many of you will speak. Thank you and Bright Blessings.
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Charlotte said...

Firstly, I have noticed a shift in Bahamian men and have recently had the pleasure of meeting men who leave work and 'rush' home to cook their wives dinner before they reach! So I am hoping this is the dawn of a new era. Secondly, I hate men only clubs, and the glass ceiling in corporate america that is much lower for women not in a men's club, so I certainly don't agree with having women's only organisations. Do we need a minister of women's affairs? is there a minister of men's affairs?

Having said all that, the respect level of Bahamian women from Bahamian men is appalling and disgraceful. A cultural shift is desperately needed and waiting on the natural evolution of time may take far too long. Men need to be humiliated into change. But also, Bahamian women need to BELIEVE that mistresses are NOT ok, verbal and physical abuse is NOT ok, incest is NOT ok.

I say, he do you wrong, HUMILIATE him!

Happy Women's Day

Lynn said...

Thanks for your comments Charlotte, and yes we have several ministries of men's affairs, namely the House of Assembly, the supreme court, the cabinet office, the Christian Council, and the mainstream press and media. All we ever hear are the voices of men, thanks for helping to amplify the voices of women.

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