Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Another Bahamian Woman Fallen in War

A woman was shot dead in front of her two children yesterday in her mother's driveway in a Nassau neighbourhood. A Caribbean woman's life is not beautiful. I want to know her life story and honor it. I want to express my outrage and demand justice for her baby crying for her at this moment. I ask: Where is the front page preacher today? Where are these damned clerics when an innocent woman has lost her life to the violence of men with guns? Where are the Voices of the Community rising up and calling out for the end to violence against women in the Bahamas? I say again, there needs to be some noise coming from the artists, writers and intellectuals in the country, we are the ones most responsible for affecting the public consciousness, we are the voice of the public consciousness, we are powerful when we move together, when we speak together. The wider community too, where is the public outcry? Where is the conscious, active women's movement in the Bahamas, and in the Caribbean for that matter? Who will speak for us if we cannot speak for ourselves and one another? The creepy church pastors, that's who.

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