Friday, October 09, 2009

Mum, They Bombed the Moon Today

"Mum they bombed the moon today," our thirteen year old son said to me this morning as he left for school. I had no words for him, except for, "I know." I still am at a loss to express the sadness I feel, that the Moon I venerate as a Wiccan and a woman of Earth would be attacked in this way. And it is a sad irony too that America's NASA would commit this act on the same day that Obama is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

I suppose we should be grateful that it wasn't really a bomb, and that the hole they made in the lunar surface is only as big as an Olympic swimming pool. Still. What on Earth were the NASA people thinking when they crashed a large empty rocket hull into the moon's south pole at 7.31 am today? They spent $79 million dollars to blow a hole into the moon just to be able to say that there may be ice there, and if so, one day in the future when we're all dead, they may be able to build and man a moon station, ie, colonize. Really, this is outrageous.

Hasn't humanity learned its lesson yet? Aren't the terrible consequences of colonization on Earth already plain to see? How does any one country on the Earth have the right to strike a missile at another planet? Who owns the moon, who has jurisdiction?

No country, no person owns the moon, it is She who owns us. She has been with us since the beginning:

"At night cosmos reveals herself in her vastness, the earth opens to moisture and germination under the moonlight, and the magnetic serpentine current stirs itself in the underground waters - just as the thick, snakey spry of stars, the Milky Way, winds across the night sky. Moon phases are a part of the great cosmic dance in which everything participates: the movement of the celestial bodies, the pulse of tides, the circulation of blood and sap in animals and plants. Observation of the night sky, of the stars, and especially of the moon, was the beginnings of mathematics and science," Monica Sjoo and Barbra Mor remind us in their vital book, The Great Cosmic Mother: Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth. Moon callendars, which were of course invented by mensturating women, marked the beginning of human culture on Earth.

Someone at NASA was reported to say that the crash today "didn't hurt the moon.' Of course it did. And it hurt us too. Let the moon keep her ice. Let us keep her intact and untouched, let us remember she is sacred to us.

O moon, I'm sorry.


Ashley and Jessica said...

where have i been living!? they bombed the moon? the one symbol in our dark skies that light our way? why would they bomb our hope?

Lynn Sweeting said...

ah, sisters, the patriarchy is a dangerous thing, but it can't prevail. we have our free voices, we can speak together and resist! i say make the moon protected cosmic parkland, preserved for all humanity to enjoy forever, where no development (or colonization) is allowed, ever!

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