Thursday, January 14, 2010

We Are Haiti, Haiti Is Us

I am desperate to do what I can for the poor people of Haiti. I am asking my Government leaders to lead us in a serious relief effort. I am ready to load up my car with baby formula and blankets and water, where to bring it? I want to see my MPs at the airport loading boxes onto planes. I want to see millionaires writing big checques, donating aircraft I want to see we ordinary people contacting our MPs and by the hundreds and thousands today to let them know we want our country to be a leader in humanitarian aid, because we are Haiti, Haiti is us. Then we must be ready to give what what we can, do what we can to pitch in. I have written an urgent message to my MP Loretta Turner, to let her know I am listening for her voice now, and that I am ready to help. I urge my Bahamian readers to contact their MPs. Put Facebook, Twitter and the blogs to some good use. Every voice counts.

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