Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Holy Mother, Please Forgive Me

The massive oil spill has me sick with grief. Does anyone still think that drilling for oil along the Atlantic seaboard is a good idea? The ocean is crying today and so am I. The authorities are telling us that the chances for the spill reaching the Bahamas are remote. But other experts are imagining worst case scenarios that could occur with a simple change in weather conditions. At the time of this writing 2.5 million gallons of crude have poured into the ocean and a massive slick is looming over the Gulf States, and I feel the Ocean's pain and outrage, whether the oil reaches here or not. I would give up my dependence on oil to save the oceans, I would give up my car, my gas stove, yes, even my central air conditioner, Holy Mother, please forgive me. I would give it all up cold turkey, I would celebrate to hear that every oil rig in the sea is shut down and cleared away as of today, happy to go back to carriages and horses, sailing mail boats and no more plane rides, if it meant a catastrophe like this never happened again.


Anonymous said...

I found your blog through face book and must say how impressed I am. You have always been a brilliant writer and have clearly grown better and better with time. The oil spill has me absolutely livid as well and I feel that too little attention has being given to the subject. The only time I hear of it, is a on HLN or 'Regis&Kelly' and then only a minute mention, it's ridiculous. If the oceans could speak and the animals that live there too - they would be screaming out and I am sure they are. Off shore drilling is so incredibly stupid but alas the old mighty dollar always wins. How sad. Keep up the wonderful writing and I will continue to read your blog.
I hope to hear from you on Face Book and until then, know that I still miss you and think of you a lot and hope your life continues to go as well as it is now. Blessed be your new baby and your entire family. With hugs your old friend - C.H.E

Lynn Sweeting said...

thank you for reading, C.H.E.

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