Saturday, June 05, 2010

What Are We Going to Do About the Gulf Oil Spill?

There is oil in the water, disaster in the air. What are we going to do about it? Why can't they stop it? I feel horribly responsible. I'm so sorry Earth Mother. I'm so sorry Earth Mother. These are all the words I can find. We have wounded her and now don't know how to stop the bleeding.

I see nothing about the approaching oil in the local papers. I do not hear the voices of our leaders LEADING us, as they are especially mandated to do in times like this. What plans for disaster preparedness are in place? How will we clean it up when it reaches us? Doesn't the Government realize how terrified we are? What is the plan of action? We must demand to know. I am calling on local journalists to buck up and ask the questions the public looks to them to ask on its behalf, because this is their function. And every day there is no word from government regarding the disaster, the headlines in reputable papers should read, "Govt Silent as Environmental Crisis Looms." I don't give a dam at this point if Atlantis backs tax increases.

And just let me say, I will be pissed off if the first words from government or mainstream media regarding the Gulf oil disaster is to do with its impact on tourism revenue and not about action in the face of environmental crisis.

So far the Bahamian voices speaking out about the oil spill are to be heard on Facebook. But is The reEarth organization especially which is hard at work as usual, advocating for some real action from our government on our behalf. On their website they are calling Government's response "lack-luster, "shocking" and "underwhelming." They are calling for a plan and so am I.

Each and every one of us is responsible for what is happening. I use oil every day. I'm so sorry Earth Mother. I'm so sorry.


Labrish said...

Your words are so powerful and remind us that we are all responsible for this. We have been too complacent in not demanding an end to the pillaging of the earth for fuel. We all need to hang our heads in shame.

Lynn Sweeting said...

dear labrish, thank you for hearing and writing... these are serious times for Earth and for us. i agree with you - it is time to say no to big oil, in the caribbean and everywhere.

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