Monday, November 22, 2010

Watch Out for the Bullets

I had to laugh. There on the Facebook newsfeed, another sentimental post about the beautiful sunshiny day and how all the birds were singing and... a journalist friend's response was, "Watch out for the bullets." I had to laugh so that I didn't cry. I had to laugh because this is the writer's job unfortunately, to see the shit and misery of life, to write about it so that others will see it too. Yes we know how beautiful the world is, what a miracle life is. But the truth is, whether we are journalists, poets, novelists or bloggers, we are here to write about the hell and high water we are coming through, living through, in order to be human. Sometimes we feel apologetic about this, but then we get over it and get on with the work of telling the truth.

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Gems of My Heart said...

"Watch out for the bullets" this is quite funny - yet so sad and true... I pray this nation has a turn around; so early in the year and it's already looking grim.

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