Sunday, November 28, 2010

WomanSpeak Journal Call For Submissions

The WomanSpeak Journal is now accepting submissions for volume six to be published in October, 2011. The theme chosen for this issue is, Women Writing to Heal the Earth. Women have always been deeply connected to the Earth. We share so much with her, we are mothers like her, she is alive like us, and like us, she is too often under attack, at risk for violation, exploitation, even eradication. But there is hope to be found in our voices, there is wisdom to be gleaned from our poems and stories, our free voices. So we invite writings that are songs and hymns to her, stories that break the silences for the sake of her healing and saving, so that we can all be healed and saved.

Toward this end we are proud to announce the creation of a new special section for the 2011 issue of The WomanSpeak Journal, “Earth Women Speak.” The voices of Caribbean Indian Women, indigenous women, Tainos, Caribs, Black Caribs, etc women writers. The Indian Nations of the Caribbean are rising again, remembering themselves, re-membering themselves to history and to this present day. We will collect the voices of Indian women writers and artists here in an effort to be present and together with them as they revive their voices, too long missing from the collective consciousness, too long missing from our literature.

But the call for writings to heal the Earth is open to all women writers in the Caribbean and those whose work has Caribbean focus .As always, we welcome poetry, short fiction, myth and lore, personal essays, play excerpts, letters, testimonials, book reviews as well as art and photography.

Please send your submissions with a bio to Lifeline for submissions is March 31, 2011.


Anonymous said...

This is excellent, I will definitely make my submissions. I'm enjoying your blog! I too am on a quest to tell the truth, keep 'em coming Earth/Word sister!

Lynn Sweeting said...

thanks gems, look forward to receiving your submissions.

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