Friday, February 25, 2011

The Most Powerful Thing I Can Do

I had to call the police today to report a threat of violence made against me yesterday by a neighbour who became enraged because I demanded he stop gunning a broken down car after several hours of terrible noise and billowing black smoke in my front yard. The neighbour rushed my gate, grabbing and shaking it, shouting that he was going to beat my ass. This morning I lodged a complaint at the Fox Hill police station against the man and asked that they send a cruiser through the neighbourhood today. One Corporal Seymour assured me they would. He said, “We are here for you, ma’am.” I took the threat seriously since these are people I have been involved in conflicts with for many years. They have been investigated for animal cruelty and for allowing vicious (neglected) dogs to run loose and slaughter many (yes, I said Many) beloved family cats and causing emotional trauma for my family, my son especially. My property has also been destroyed by their rampaging dogs. After the last animal killing and subsequent police investigation several years ago things were quiet apart from a visit from the daughter angry that I had reported her father, who stormed into my house threatening to “knock me to the ground.” I reported that threat too. That was about a year ago. Now this.

I have struggled with other neighbours too. I have called the authorities to shut down the bush mechanic operation the man across the street will set up on his driveway across the street from my house. The noise, the pollution and the dangerous traffic of tow trucks and busted vehicles lining the road can become a terrible hazard, an unbearable disturbance. He’s been shut down twice because of my phone calls. I have raised hell with others for cutting down hundred year old Poinciana trees and for blasting music into my bedroom window at three am. Needless to say, these folks don’t like me very much. Too bad. I have the right to live in peace. I have the right to protect my family and property. I call the authorities not to make trouble but to safeguard my community and keep the peace. I have lived here in this house, in this neighbourhood, my entire life, and probably always will. I have seen its decline over the years and have done all in my power to speak up for its preservation and protection. I always have and always will speak up when my rights as a homeowner, a citizen and a human being are being threatened. The most powerful thing I can do right now to continue in this effort is to tell my story. And so I have.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Lynn for you inspiration. I know many stories like this one from all the islands and can put this behavior into one of education...a lack of it. For almost all of the offenders, it is about control. What they lack in esteem and manners is over-compensated by their rant and shoddy behavior to neighbours and their bretheren in general. Can it be solved? Well, I havn't figured that one out yet and I don't want to get my gun. That would make me as bad as the problem. I find prayer helps, and a call to the local constabulary. You are correct. One must speak up even in the face of uncertainty.

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