Friday, May 27, 2011

WomanSpeak, the Journal of Literature and Art by Caribbean Women Call for Submissions

WomanSpeak, the Journal of Literature and Art by Caribbean Women is calling for submissions for a new issue with the special theme, “Women Speaking for the Earth.”

WomanSpeak exists to create a space for fine literature and art by Caribbean women, a space where our creativity is nurtured, where women’s stories and voices are witnessed and amplified, where real community and sisterhood among Caribbean women writers can begin and grow. The journal is committed to making spaces for diversity, for writers and viewpoints that are underrepresented, and for new and emerging writers especially. The vision is to make books that inspire us and draw us together today, as well as books that will preserve our work for future audiences.

WomanSpeak was co-created by Helen Klonaris, Dionne Benjamin and myself back in the 1990s out of a dream to create books of Feminist literature and art from the Caribbean. Four small but brave and powerful issues later the journal went out of print. The journal returned to print in 2010 with a collection that includes the work of acclaimed writers Marion Bethel, Lelawattee Manoo Rahming, Nicolette Bethel, Opal Palmer Adissa and others.

Now work is being sought for a new issue that will focus on writing and art that speaks for the protection and preservation of Mother Earth in these days of catastrophic oil spills, rising sea levels, over-fishing, poaching, deforestation, over-development, and beaches and shorelines vanishing behind hotel walls. Where are the Womanish/Feminist writers who have something to say about stopping the destruction of the natural Caribbean, who are envisioning new ways of being and thinking which will restore, protect and honour her? Where are the writers whose work explores the Caribbean woman’s ancient and deep connection to Earth, who have something to say about bringing that ancient wisdom into our modern lives so that we can save the Earth and save ourselves? Editors hope to begin to gather some of their voices in this new collection. Toward this goal a special call is going out to Caribbean Indian women writers. What do the Taino women writers, the Caribs, the Lokonos of today have to tell us about how to live well with Mother Earth? We need their voices now more than ever.

WomansSpeak is accepting submissions of poetry, short fiction, personal essays, myth and lore, visual art and photographs. Prose should be double spaced and not exceed 5,000 words. Poetry submissions are limited to 6 poems. Visual art is limited to 6 images and should be submitted by email, accompanied by a 50-word biographical statement, and a separate 50 word statement about your artwork.

All submissions should include author’s name on each page and be accompanied by a brief biographical statement. Please send submissions to with the word "submission" on the subject line.

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