Sunday, August 28, 2011

On the Other Side

Here we are on the other side of Irene, intact and alright. Not one life was lost in the entire country, what a miracle. I'm proud of my brave, tenacious people, and feeling quite sure that I would rather ride out a hurricane here at home than anywhere else in the world. Feeling a lot of gratitude for our strong little house, for the grandmother trees in our yard that remained standing and protected us for the duration of the storm. I am grateful to have electricity, internet and cable restored so quickly, I remember well the storms past when we were in the heat, darkness and silence for weeks afterwards. This morning I'm having a coffee in my air conditioned house, blogging and watching Pound Puppies with Pyper, feeling the regenerative powers of Earth swirling all around. We have a lot of cleaning up to do across the country and then we get to watch as new life all green and hopeful comes springing up in the places where the wind was the most devastating. This magical regeneration of life out of death is the most awesome of all the Earth Mysteries, it is the mother of them all.

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