Thursday, November 03, 2011

People of Nassau, You Too Mean on Halloween.

I know this is late but I have something to say to the people of Nassau who refuse to welcome trick or treating children to their houses on Halloween: You must be the meanest people on Earth. You use a fear of crime as an excuse for your mean-hearted refusal to come together as a community and co-create some safe fun and good memories for children. You say it is not safe. Instead of contributing to the safety by lighting up your homes, by coming out with your flashlights and your good humour and your community spirit, instead of being the good people rising up to make the streets safe again, you all slink into your holes, plunge the streets into darkness, hid behind your mean curtains while sad little children in costumes are walking around or being driven around in the darkness by mothers trying and failing to provide some fun for their kids. You complain bitterly about how Nassau is not a nice place to live anymore but you contribute nothing to make it better. People in dark houses on Halloween night who hide from trick or treating little children deserve to have their yards toilet papered. Same for people at Christmas who do not come outside to listen when carolers are singing in their front yards, who do not sing along or say thank you with a cup of coffee or a handshake, who plunge their mean houses into darkness and hide till the carolers go away. Again, you say it is because you are afraid of crime but really it is because you are mean, lazy and cheap, Christmas carolers after all are often raising money for children's charities when they go caroling. To all you people who say you don't like Halloween so that you can relieve yourselves of the responsibility of contributing to a fun, safe, community , holiday event for children, I say to you:, you are the reason Nassau is a scary place to live. You contribute to the darkness. You abandon the children to the darkness instead of creating light for them. It takes creative imagination, community spirt and a love of children to create a memorable Halloween holiday experience, you people hiding in the dark on Halloween night, you have none of these. People of Nassau, you too mean on Halloween.

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