Sunday, January 08, 2012

Hey Patriarchy, Get Out of Our Uteruses

This morning I signed a petition demanding justice for the 346,219 Peruvian women forcibly sterilized by the Fujimori regime in a supposed birth control programme supported by the United States and the United Nations, carried out in that country throughout the 1990s. The Care2 petition states that “aggressive and forceful tactics used by medical staff and police made it clear this was not a programme that allowed women to choose whether or not they were sterilized.” The awfulness of this is stunning, but really it is old hat to the Patriarchy which knows well that Invading, colonizing and controling the wombs (and bodies) of women is the first step toward absolute domination. I went over to Global Voices On Line to find out more about former Peru President Alberto Fujimori (where did we get our information before this place?) and an article written by Isabel Guerra the ex-president is serving a 25 year prison sentence, having been convicted of crimes against humanity in his own country, (this has never happened anywhere before) including attempted murder, murder and aggravated kidnapping . He was never made to face charges for what amounts to the rape and permanent injury of these many thousands of women who were forcibly sterilized. In their names, Fujimori should serve out his sentence.

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