Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Put Your Money Where WomanSpeak Is

Alright, I made a decision. I will never again give my books to stores on consignment. I have no complaints about the stores who have over the years agreed to put the WomanSpeak journal on a shelf for me. It is just that as I continue editing volume six I am thinking about how many months of work has gone into this book, not to mention the excellent work in it, not to mention the cost of designing and printing these full colour, beautifully illustrated books, I am suddenly certain that WomanSpeak will only be carried at bookstores or fine art stores which pay for them up front. I dream of selling huge numbers of books directly to readers via the web, hopefully sooner rather than later. In the meantime, the very limited edition I am about to print, I will treat like the rare and precious treasures they are, and sell them for $30.00, $40.00 if they want them signed. The special bookstore that buys them will perhaps then be inspired to display them prominently, even feature them in some promotions and advertising. I believe there are one or two very special stores who will do this. Others will only value these books if I do. They are rare and miraculous creations in this land where most people never read a book in their lives other than the Bible. They are priceless because they are forums for the creative work of Caribbean women whose voices need to be heard. So, book buyers, I say to you respectfully, put your money where WomanSpeak is.

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Diva Dee said...

On my first trip to Nassau, I came without a single novel, thinking I could buy one here. I only found religious bookstores. I am a christian, but I do need more. When my husband thought it was tie for him to return home, my fist thought was thank goodness for my kindle. I miss the feel of a book in my hand though. So on this trip back to Jamaica, in addition to food, books are at the top of my list.

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