Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hurricane Sandy in New Providence: So Far, So Good.

Hurricane Sandy is upon us in The Bahamas. But here in New Providence at 7.36 pm we are having only small, 20mph gusts, interspersed with moments of stillness, so far so good, I think the trees will hold. Meanwhile Florida television news is showing pictures of big winds and waves, putting their reporters in the surf or some other perilous ridiculous place to make their reports. Too funny. But a hurricane is a serious thing, and overly-dramatic reportage is better than no coverage at all. I haven't been able to tune in to a singe local TV station for live courage of the cat. 2 storm now tearing through the country, but there is none. The National Hurricane Center website is the best I can get. And of course, what I can see outside my window. Right now, another calm, another little 20 mph gust wooshing in the trees, its quite pleasant. For now.

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