Saturday, March 08, 2008

Bright Blessings on International Women's Day

Dear Sisters, Bright Blessings to you all on this International Women's Day. I'm mindful of our sisterhood on this day and grateful. I celebrate you all, you on the island and you around the world, who speak, work and create every day for the betterment of our womanish lives. My Bahamian wise we'moon, I write to you especially, in case you are asking yourselves as I am: Will this day of global significance for women really come and go in our country without any acknowledgement whatsoever, official or otherwise? Can my country really value me as little as this? The sad, shameful answer is, Yes. A woman-hatred has taken a chokehold on mainstream Bahamian culture just as it has the rest of the world at this time. But the global women's movement is alive and pushing too, and this is our hope. We are the hope, we are the sisterhood that endures, that keeps on daring to imagine a new world, and ways we can contribute to its creation. This i just to say, I honour and deeply appreciate you all. I hope we all feel a little love on this day. Cheers. Solidarity. Empowerment to the We'moon. Blessed Be.

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snowyowl said...

Thanks for your words.
Charlotte (Sandy Point) is a very old friend and she gave me your url as times are hard. Your words help me to reconnect to my sisters xx

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