Thursday, March 20, 2008

Poet, Activist, Friend, Marion Bethel Responds: Minister of Women's Affairs, No; A Real Women's Movement, Yes.


I would not wish to be Minister of Women's Affairs by any stretch of the
imagination. It is my view that very little of value and longevity can
happen or does happen from the top down.

By a stretch of the imagination I would actively participate in a women's
movement that has strong and authentic alliances with other NGOs such as the
Trade Union Movement, the GLBT association, the human rights groups, the
environmental group, the arts community. We need the support of other
groups and we need to support the agendas of other groups.

I would want the movement to give priority to:

a)the struggle against violence against women and children. This is a grave
matter and undermines the very quality of our lives.

b)women's easy access to reproductive health education and resources to
maintain physical and emotional health and have the number of children, if
any, that we want and can take care of

c) affordable health care, physical and mental health, for women & our

d)micro-lending to women to engage independently in entrepreneurial,
artistic & professional activities

e) education & literacy & opportunity for women in trade work, cottage
industries and big business

f) affordable and adequate housing & financial assistance for women

This would be a start. We always need to work collaboratively and in
communion with other people locally and regionally and universally.

Hope this is not too late, lynn.

One heart,
Marion b

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Lynn Sweeting said...

Marion, many thanks and bright blessings to you for this hopeful envisioning.
In sisterhood.

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