Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Womanish Words to Bring Down a Dictatorship

Today the candle is burning for courageous woman writer from Burma, Shah Paung. According to WeNews Correspondent Anna S. Sussman (www.womensenews.com) Shah Paung is now exiled and living in a Thai refugee camp, writing and reporting stories about the brutal military regime that continues to tear her country apart. Sussman reports that Shah Paung “found that writing stories was one way to resist the Myanmar military dictatorship she had fled. She continues to report news smuggled out by informants even as the world’s focus has turned from Burma . She reports on the heavily isolated country via a network of secret informants communicating largely by mobile phone.”

Sha Paung’’ stories are published in the Irrawaddy, a magazine started in 1992 by exiles living in Thailand. Sha Paung is quoted as saying: “I used to think, ‘what can one girl do against the military? But after putting out the magazine I knew I had found a better way to fight the regime. I had been angry, I had thought about joining the armed struggle. That was before I realized the best way to help my people was reporting their truth.”

Sussman reports that the brutal military government of Burma continues to attack and burn down ethnic villages and rape is used as a weapon of war against local women by Burmese soldiers.

Today the altar is lit and dedicated to sending vibrations of peace, liberty, courage, comfort and gratitude to this young woman struggling to bring down a dictatorship with her womanish words.

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