Friday, June 20, 2008

Cheers and Jeers

Cheers to our good neighbours across the way who have agreed to preserve the Poinciana trees bordering their recently cleared lot. Such a groove to come upon land owners who are willing to build among the trees as best they can, in these days of hyper-bulldozing. This is to publicly express gratitude to them on behalf of all of us who wish to protect the surviving flowering and shade trees of Village Road and across the island of New Providence.

Jeers to the landlord directly adjacent to them who cut down an enormous, blooming Poinciana by the roadside overhanging her apartments parking area because leaves were falling on the cars and besides, she needed that space to build a garbage container.

Just another day, speaking out for the right to Live Green in the Hood.

In hope.


Nicolette Bethel said...

Lynn, what do you think about a web page naming those who cut down and those who preserve their trees?

Names are important in this society of anonymous sin and piety-on-display.


Lynn Sweeting said...

Nico, yes I believe in naming names. Absolutely. The good folks need commending, the tree killers deserve a good public shaming. (For a long time I've wanted to do something similair for the people who steal wheelchair parking.) How shall we proceed?

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