Monday, July 21, 2008

Acknowledged and Included

Hey sisters, if you're still paying attention to this neglected blog, thank you. Many thanks especially to the community of womanish (feminist) writers at the Womens Space blog at . Many thanks to Heart who first put Womanish Words on her blogroll a few years back. Heart’s connection has also led to this blog’s inclusion in a very cool ongoing web project the creators call the Carnival of Radical Feminists. These are mini web anthologies of the writings of radical feminist bloggers and the sixteenth one, now up at the blog Gorgon Poisons at . includes my poem Good Boots. In other worlds here I live there is no place for the poem, so its very affirming to see one of mine acknowleged and included in this collection of wise womens voices.

Speaking of being acknowleged and included, I've been invited to read poetry with the Bahamas contingent at Carifesta 10 in Guyana next month. I'm surprised at how happy and inspired the invitation has made me feel. I'm imagining how wonderful it will be to connect with the best creative minds and souls of today's Caribbean, and am now focusing all my attention on preparing for the readings, and the entire exprience. I've spoken aloud a wish to the universe, that I have a laptop to take with which to blog from the festival, and She always conspires for my benefit when I ask her, as she does for you as well.

Thank you all, my womanish community on the web.

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Anonymous said...

all the best at Carifesta!

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