Sunday, August 24, 2008

At Carifesta in Spirit

Carifesta has begun without me. I was unable to make the trip for a number of reasons and must be content to be there in spirit with the Bahamas contingent and especially writers Helen Klonaris and Nicolette Bethel. My attendence wasn't meant to be but theirs was, I'm grateful they are representing us at this event.

As I read the initial reports on the blogs I am made to think again about the Bahamas government and its decision not to host this very same festival. If a country fraught with problems like Guyana can step up to the challenge and take on the hosting job, surely The Bahamas can too. Apparently we have agreed to host the festival in 2010. What steps have been taken to begin preparations here for Carifesta X1? What ground has been broken? If the fomer government did not properly prepare for the festival, how then is this government better preparing? Perhaps someone in mainstream journalism wll be inspired to ask, and to demand answers.

In the meantime, I'm staying connected via the lovely web, (how did we ever survive before it?), waiting for news of when our writers get to take the centerstage and make their voices (our voices) heard.

Bright blessings to all who are on this grand adventure.

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