Thursday, November 06, 2008


Hoorah for Barack Obama and for the American people. Hoorah for all people who are different from the status quo and dream of making their own contribution to the betterment of the world. Very cool to see that even the status quo itself woke up in vast numbers to vote for this man. Even better to see young people, first time voters and minorities claiming and reclaiming their electorate power and making their voices heard so clearly. People were TALKING to one another for this election, the internet apparently was crucial here, a powerful tool indeed for getting word out. I loved seeing TV journalists reporting on what was being said on the web when the returns were coming in. Wonderful to see the joyful emotion of the elders of the Civil Rights Movement who shed blood and buried friends and compatriots on their way to making Obama's election possible. And inspiring to see the shining faces of kids who see themselves reflected in his face.


Renee said...

I don't think that there were any black people globally who were not incredibly moved, well with the exception of Jesse Jackson. I found myself crying and I didn't expect to. I simply never thought I would live to see the day.

Lynn Sweeting said...

Hey Renee, thanks for your comments. I think one of the lessons we're learning now is that we can now expect to live to see many more such days, we can expect a woman president in our lifetime, a Gay president, a Native American president, a disabled president, yes we can! All things are possible! Bright blessings to you.

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