Sunday, November 02, 2008

Ray of Light

Amazing days, America appears to be on the verge of electing a Black president. This is really a ray of light and hope for the world. Obama’s election will change everything. Change is good. I’m grateful to be here to witness it. This morning I was brought to tears by a video clip I saw on the Womanist Musings blog. It was of Seal, singing the fab Sam Cook song, Change is Gonna Come, with Obama speaking throughout. I was surprised to find myself shedding a flood of hot tears. O it does a woman’s heart good to hear him say, “Yes, we can change the world. We can, we can!” Emotion filled me up and flowed over. Strange. I grew up electing Black prime ministers. But there I was, keening for a good thirty three seconds at the thought of a new world leader who is actually a good man. And just to make it all the better, he's Black. He's a symbol of a new day dawning, a new generation emerging, a new era beginning. After the tears, I forced myself to remember that it's not over yet. In the last American election the Bad Guys stole the presidency away. Let the rightful man win this time, this is my meditation tonight.

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