Monday, January 19, 2009

Power to the Free Voice

I spend time this morning reading the cyber-activism pages of Global Voices Online. I am looking for connection with the global community of citizen journalist activists writing and protesting and organizing and speaking out for all our good via the Web. The first story I see is out of Western Europe, written by Asteris Masouras: “Greece: Outcry over arms shipment to Israel.” The story reports that with the war raging in Gaza, news reports earlier this month about the routing of an extraordinary large shipment of arms from the United States to Israel through the private Greek Port of Astakos caused an uproar among Greek bloggers. They used Twitter to investigate the matter and put pressure on the government to halt the transfer. Apparently the government has indeed halted the transfer. I love this story. I love how the bloggers are in full ownership of their powerful voices, and the power of the citizen journalist network. As I write I think about the women and children of Gaza, the candle burning is for them. All actions for peace are for them.


Oneiros said...

Thank you for the summary & the comment. It's hard to say for certain if it was just us bloggers & tweople who stopped it, but I like to think we made some small difference; for peace.

Lynn Sweeting said...

Hello Oneiros, yes you did make a difference, and we the people are grateful for your action. More power to you, more power to peace.
Bright Blessings!

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