Thursday, February 19, 2009

When Will a Bahamian Government Say NO to Violence Against Women?

Today I’m thinking about UNIFEM’s Say NO to Violence Against Women Campaign. As of this moment 5,066,549 signatures have been collected, demonstrating there is a global movement of people who demand that ending violence against women be a top priority for governments everywhere. At the time of this writing the Government of the Bahamas does not appear on the list of world government supporters of the movement.

I’m grateful that I had the privilege of adding my signature. One in three women on this side of the world will experience violence in her lifetime. As I write I think about our new baby daughter. She cannot speak, so I am asking on her behalf. I ask the Prime Minister, the Cabinet, the Opposition, the Senate: Will none of you take a stand for the mothers, sisters, wives and daughters who are crying out for justice? Why is it that this administration is yet another that fiddles while women burn? When will the woman’s right to live a life free of violence ever be top priority for a Bahamian government?

When we demand it.

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