Tuesday, June 09, 2009

No More Impunity in The Bahamas for Perpetrators of Violent Crimes Against Women and Children

There was no news of an arrest today in the death of the baby girl. The Nassau Guardian seems to be reporting that the parents are no longer being questioned? Is this correct? Have they been released? I plan on calling the Commissioner of Police tomorrow to find out, and I'll report it here. There needs to be real public outcry, there needs to be a hail of urgent voices rising up from the people, in the name of this child, demanding an end to this long and terrible war, beginning with the arrest of the person responsible for this crime. Somewhere on the island of New Providence there is an entire neighbourhood full of people who know exactly who did this. Let them all come forward, let them all break their silences, let them tell the police what they know. Let there be no more impunity in the Bahamas for those who commit violent crimes against children and women.

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