Thursday, June 11, 2009

I Pray the Authorities are Telling Us the Truth

Reports are that the deceased Nassau baby did not die of traumatic injuries from rape, but instead of a respiratory illness and an allergic reaction to medication given to her to treat it. I hope to God that this is true. Of course, I am suspicious, this is the Bahamas after all, where rape is epidemic, but I pray the authorities are telling us the truth. If they are, and the parents are indeed innocent, then my heart goes out to them for their loss. In the meantime our community needs to continue now to talk about what we will do about saving the many children of our country who are in fact victims of sexual violence.


Jude said...

These words of yours, so beautiful, so true:
"Combatants are disguised
As the beloved
Until the moment
All hell breaks loose..."

My soul grieves the world in which my daughter must live, and in which all the daughters must live (and sadly, as for this raped baby, some die). Because it is so hard to face, my daughter prefers not to see the violence, she prefers not to understand the possibility of change-in-a-flash beloved males who become combatants from hell. And so, to whatever there Is that helps, I pray (call her Mother Earth, Goddess, Sophia, Christ, whatever helps, to Her I pray). And late at night I look for what other parents have written, what women may be doing to strengthen their ranks against the lies and violence of man, and I blog about the truth in hopes we be set free,

Lynn Sweeting said...

Hey Jude! Thank you for your words. I look forward to reading your blog today. Bright blessings.
In hope.

Nicolette Bethel said...

Thanks for this note, Lynn. The revolution is only beginning.

Posted something for you today on Blogworld -- on the juncture of poetry, science, and other-ability. I watched it and thought, of course, of you.


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