Friday, June 19, 2009

The Revolution Continues

"Where are the activists, where are the crusaders?" My friend, former journalist Marcia Reynoso asked. We are here. Bahamian Feminist writers like Marion Bethel, Helen Klonaris and Asha Rahming of the Bahamas are all writing and publishing the books they came here to write. Nicolette Bethel is writing and publishing good books too, and on the blogosphere she is a relentless voice for the Bahamian artist at home and in the Caribbean community. I have a new manuscript too, taking shape on the desk in front of me. I'll be reading from it at "Witness!", a poetry reading that is a part of the Bahamas Writers Summer Institute programme, along with Helen Klonaris and Obediah Smith, Saturday, July 25 at The Hub, Nassau. Poetry, Stories, they are so powerful, essential to the good revolution, writers are the small, troubled country's brightest and strongest hope. A call is out for submissions to the anthology of writing the Institute plans to publish and our country's most conscious and gifted voices will certainly be gathered up there. These are the places and spaces where the revolution continues, where excellent writing and social consciousness are webbed together, where the personal becomes the political, the political the personal. Where our voices are freer and stronger and more transformative than ever before.

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