Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yes, We Can.

Many thanks to Helen Klonaris and the Bahamas Summer Writers Institute for including me in their discussion last night on the topic of blogging. The event got me thinking again about the enormous potential there is in blogging, and in blogging as citizen journalism especially, for making a real difference in the world. I've been remembering what drew me in and inspired me so about writing and publishing on the Web. Beside the fact that it gave me a global forum for my writing after a lifetime spent cast away and disconnected on the island, I was taken by the idea of the blog being a source of free flowing, woman-centered news, information and commentary in these days of elitist, media conglomerates, censorship, conformity and silence of the mainstream press with regard to women's issues. I was changed forever to think that I could write and publish blogs that would contribute to this new source of information, and that with a blog I could bypass all the afore mentioned obstacles and be heard. All these years later I'm still in love with the personal freedom and empowerment that writing and publishing blogs affords me, as a writer, as a citizen of the Caribbean and as a woman in the world. I'm still a believer in the power of the blogosphere to promote equality, justice and liberty for women and children. To this end I have joined up with the folks at Bloggers Unite, a community that attempts to "harness the power of the blogosphere to make the world a better place." Members ask bloggers to write on a particular day about an event or cause chosen or created in the hope that "a single voice can be joined with thousands to make a difference." On Friday, July 17, bloggers unite for human rights and I'll be joining them, gratefully, and hopefully. On Wednesday, August 26, I've promised to blog for Women's Equality Day. I invite all my blogging friends to join us. We can change this world. Yes, we can.


Travis said...

You have surely changed the way I feel about blogging as well Lynn. Listening to someone like you speak has reafirmed how I feel about this country - that there is still hope for it. Thanks for that.

Lynn Sweeting said...

Thank you Travis, I look forward to hearing you speak out in your blogs. Bright blessings!

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