Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bright Solstice and Christmas Blessings To You All!

Did you see the eclipse of the Solstice moon? It was beautiful, amazing, affirming to see our earth's shadow cross the face of the moon, and on winter solstice too. We are the first Earthlings to see such a sight on such a night in more than five hundred years. As I watched the eclipse I thought about that other not-so-long-ago night and the ancestors who saw that cosmic phenomenon as it played out in the sky. My Sacred Grandmother in Britain probably saw it and braced for another wave of witch drownings, there were probably many witches accused, tortured and murdered for having caused the moon to disappear like that. Down here in the Lucayan Islands, my red-skinned Sacred Grandmother who escaped Colon and his invasion probably danced the solstice dance around the fire with her fellow survivors deep in a secret island forest, just as they always did, and maybe she took the eclipse to be the voice of the Great Cosmic Mother telling them to especially heed the message of winter solstice: that no darkness, no loss is final, that darkness always mothers the light. My Sacred Grandmother somewhere in West Africa, she saw it too. I've only been thinking about her for a couple of years. By what name did she know the Earth Mother? How did she call to the returning sun? I mean to remember, no, to re-member, and soon. Winter Solstice is the time of year when modern pagans and witches celebrate the return of the sun, when we remember that no darkness is ever final, that light is always born again from the darkness, always. For me, it is also a time to remember all the womanish ancestors of my earthling blood, and too, to celebrate the youthful present blessings of our children and all the hope they embody for the future. The lunar eclipse makes this year especially unforgettable, especially meaningful. Bright Solstice and Christmas blessings to you all!

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