Sunday, February 06, 2011

Thank You Justice Longely

I have to say, I am glad to hear that Bahamian judge , Justice Hartman Longely has given convicted child molester and former teacher Andre Birbal a whopping thirty five years in prison. I commend the jury too. I was talking recently with a friend and well known women's advocate who expressed the dismay she felt recently when a jury acquitted the grandfather who had incested his own granddaughter. The jury didn't believe the testimony of the child.I asked her how she stayed inspired in the ongoing struggle to get justice for battered women and abused children when the legal system and juries continued to let us down, continued to let child predators go. She expressed to me that it was the resilience and determination and healing power she gets to help stoke up in the hearts and souls of these sisters, the joy she feels when a woman gets out, gets away, and gets on with a better life, with or without the help of the legal system. Now I say thank you and keep it up to Justice Longely, hopefully his judgements will be equally as severe when the victims are young girls.

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