Sunday, February 06, 2011

Standing with the Women Protestors of Egypt

I'm thinking of the women protesters in Egypt tonight, out in the streets for nearly two weeks now, bravely demanding their human rights, the biggest one being the right to the freedom of speech. I've watched in recent years as one Egyptian blogger after another was arrested and jailed, signed numerous petitions at Amnesty and Avaaz and other organizations to pressure for their freedom. It always was outrageous to me that humble blog writers like me were being thrown into jail for criticizing the government. But it is proof that this thing called citizen journalism is powerful. When I saw that the government had shut down the internet I knew something big had happened. But the uprising is enormous, shocking to me for this part of the world, a revolution seeded and cultivated in the blogosphere, now taken into the streets, and the women of Egypt are in the forefront. They are still in the streets after twelve days - or is it thirteen - unrelenting even though this Mubarak character is refusing to step down. They are still blogging too, since internet service was restored. I read blogs by Egyptian women this morning over at Global Voices Online, they are hopeful, amazed by what they are doing, amazed at their own determination and strength. I am amazed too, and grateful. I am grateful for the tenacity of the citizen journalists of Egypt and for the bravery of the women protestors both, and thankful for all they are doing for human rights in the world. The global community must stand with them in their struggle. I do.

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