Friday, February 11, 2011

Cuba, It Is Your Turn

Hurrah for Egypt! Bright blessings to the non-violent, pro-democracy demonstrators of Egypt who have successfully brought down an oppressive regime. Alright Cuba, now it is your turn. You too have the right to freedom of speech, you have the right to free and clear information, you have the right to assemble, the right to criticize the government, the right to elect a new government that cares about your wellbeing. You have the right to travel, the right to return, the right to create your lives as you see fit, in community with the rest of the free world. You have the right to access the internet and to the power of citizen journalism, you have the right to hear the voices and views of your fellow citizens who speak out. Yes Cuba, look well upon the young people of Egypt who are changing the world for the better, be inspired, know that you can do it too. I would love to see a non-violent uprising for human rights in Cuba sparked by blog writers and fed and sustained till victory by the power of the internet. As we have seen it is entirely possible.

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