Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Goodbye Dr Keva Bethel, and Thank You

All The Bahamas is grieving today for the passing of esteemed educator Dr Keva Bethel, former head of the College of the Bahamas. When I was a print journalist in the 1980s there were many public figures and leaders in my country who were falling from grace, so many who betrayed the public trust. Dr Bethel was one of the few leaders from that time whose integrity was never in question. Bahamian women of my generation can be especially proud of her and grateful to her for a life and career that inspired us to reach for greatness in a man's world. She never let us down. In later years it was always a pleasure to see her, she always greeted me with a kiss and an embrace, her kindness to me on those occasions I shall never forget. My thoughts are with her children and my friends, Nicolette and Edward, who will attend the funeral service of their uncle and Dr Bethel's brother, Bishop Michael Eldon, today. My heart goes out to this wonderful family at this very sad time.

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