Thursday, August 25, 2011

Heavy Wind

It is six am and I am waking up after a good sleep, feeling grateful and guilty. The wind is heavy, gusting about 80 mph. Maybe more. The electricity has just this minute gone off. David tells me that the storm is veering away from New Providence, but that may just be his way of "being positive." I still feel like the worst is to come, but that may just be my way of... expecting the worst. What can I say? We writers are a miserable bunch. But I swear, the wind is picking up as I write. I am so grateful for this electric generator, the pitch black darkness and roasting heat of storms passed still haunt me, and I know many, many others are dealing with that and worse right now. I wish I could see outside. Yikes, there's a big, howling gust, some falling debris. The storm is just upon us now. We will feel the heaviest winds in the next couple of hours.

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