Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We've Got to Stick Together

Alright, we can do this thing. Lets secure our properties, take our animals inside, stay sober and alert, and ride out hurricane Irene together. Shopkeepers, refrain from price gouging because we are a civilized country and we don't take advantage of each other in hard times. Radio announcers and programmers, remember, we the public have the right to good, ie lifesaving information and it is your mandate to provide it. Give us voices of intelligence and calm authority whom we can trust, who can guide us through the storm safely. We want journalists, not bad performances. (I am remembering one hurricane past when the only radio station we could get had Darrold Miller reporting who shouted every word of every report AT THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS like he was pretending to be broadcasting outside in the wind), and the odd international reports heard never ever mentioned the Bahamas, to them we did not exist.) We huddled in the hallway all night feeling profoundly alone. Broadcasters, get it together. Neighbours, don't be trimming your trees now, you are creating debris that will become dangerous missiles in the wind. And friends, lets all lend one another a hand. Like my two year old said this morning: "We've got to stick together, everybody in the town, and then it will be time for chocolate."

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